An anonymous hair donation with a length of 50 centimeters, and 31 months’ attentive care.

It is a community service the Y12 student of Dulwich Zhuhai Sherry P took part in, supporting the cancer patients who suffer from hair loss.


In July 2018, Sherry was touched and impressed by a documentary of a 4-year-old Japanese boy saving his hair for three years, donating it to a non-profit organisation who later then produce wigs for cancer patients suffering from hair loss. It was the time Sherry made up her mind to do the same thing, growing her hair long and donating it to cancer patients.


While taking good care of her hair, she also conducted some research on legal and reliable organisations with similar mission and actions. In November 2020, Sherry cut off her 30cm healthy hair and donated it to the Tsingsi Hair Donation, a charity organisation founded by Chinese university students.

“I am just doing a small thing for people who are having a tough life, but I am very happy that I could inspire more people to help others. Every small step means a lot. ”   —— Sherry P Y12

15 months later, in March 2022, Sherry cut of another 20cm healthy hair for her second donation.


“This is an amazing selfless act undertaken by a DHZH student proactively. It also demonstrates one of the key competencies of global citizenship among our students, which is understanding and empathy to others.”  said Ms Kaur, Head of Economics and Business and the Sustainability Lead of Dulwich Zhuhai.

Mr Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability & Global Citizenship, is also excited to learn about the donation, “This is a wonderful example of active citizenship and community participation as a local and global citizen. Her service to the community provides something that is needed, wanted and valued by others. It is very inspiring to find ways to connect and make positive contributions, as Teaspoons of Change multiplied by lots of people creates BIG change.”