A social experiment with the aim to promote awareness about equity, equality, and inclusion was successfully conducted by the Student Council at Dulwich Zhuhai. The four Student Leaders and the Head of Event at Student Council planned a series of activities in different non-lesson timeslots in a Friday morning, inspiring the thinking and discussion of the topic. 


Students received stickers in different colours that will give different privileges or restriction in different occasions, for instance, the permission to socialise with others or make their way through certain staircase, as well as the right to sit on the blue benches at the gymnasium.  

Isabella L (Y12)
Most of us are going to study abroad after graduating from DHZH. Some of our schoolmates are building up the competencies of a global citizen, while some focus more on studies. As the leaders of the student community, we would like to inspire them to understand more on the society and the world around them, think critically, be grateful on the resources and environment that they are enjoying, and be willing to take responsibilities for positive changes. Everyone matters every little step counts.
- Isabella L (Y12), Deputy Head Student

It was the first whole-school social experimental event planned and implemented by the Student Council. Rather than having a lecture or a speech on the issue, they decided to kick off the experiment with an activity inspired by a course on the nature of discrimination, which matches the preference of the student body for better perception and engagement. Without being told the real reason, students experienced the discrimination against the colour identity by following the rules that caused inconvenience to certain colours, which in the latter discussion they would understand that it was about racial issue.

Roman L (Y12)
Equality, equity and inclusion are very important to all the people in our school community, as well as in the whole world. Many of us have a good understanding of the topic, however, they have not taken any action to promote it. It is our plan to conduct different topics in each term, to inspire more thinking, discussion and action around those global issues, preparing all students to Live Worldwise.
- Roman L (Y12), Deputy Head Student

With Building Bridges to the World as the motto for all Dulwich schools, the Worldwise content is well embedded in all aspects in our education and campus life. By connecting themselves with the real-world issues, we hope that our students will become active and effective global citizens who will make positive impact to the society and the world, beyond academic success.