When it comes to a competition 

with Spaghetti and Marshmallow 

in the gymnasium, instead of in the kitchen, 

what do you have in mind?


A collaborative House challenge took place in April, where all students were split in small teams of four and built up a tower with a total of 30 strands of spaghetti, 2 marshmallows and a roll of tape. 


No instructions, no photo reference, but imagination and creativity should they apply for building the tallest free-standing tower. Based on their academic knowledge in subjects such as mathematics and arts, students also needed to work out their strategy and approach with the skills of problem solving, teamwork and communications.


As a result of continuous experiment and design, students successfully built up various Spaghetti Towers in different structures and shapes, with heights from 90cm up to 137cm.

Mrs Shellard
This was an activity designed to enhance the journey more than the destination. It’s very impressive to see the creative towers students have built, and most importantly, how students from different Year Groups collaborate. Senior students listened to juniors’ ideas and they respected each other’s analysis and solution.
- Mrs Shellard, Head of Soong House

As one of the key traditions at Dulwich schools, the House System offers a wide range of activities for collaboration among students from different Year Groups. Students will be able to put in practice what they have learnt in different subject lessons, and at the same time, to develop holistic skills that will prepare them for their further success in study and life.