Meet Our New Student Leadership Team

In their new roles, our student leaders will be connecting students and staff, representing the school at various events and functions, and attending biweekly meetings with the School Director on student agency and student council projects, among other various tasks.

Delivering speeches for election, increasing awareness and recognition among students and teachers, soliciting votes, writing individual statement, being interviewed by the School Director…

Each year, students interested in representing the school and their fellow schoolmates would run for Head Boy and Head Girl or Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl by participating in the rigorous processes outlined above.

The school community is thankful to the former leaders Kim S, Hyacinthus Z and Kyra S, for all their hard work and dedication. Now, congratulations to our four new student leaders! They are:

2021 DCI Student Leadership Conference

The four student leaders recently completed their first session of 2021 DCI Student Leadership Conference (SLC). This year, the event was held online and was attended by 30 student leaders across nine Dulwich schools, including Dulwich College in London. The training allowed our newly elected student leaders to further develop their leadership skills and begin the process of ushering in a new year with new hope of change and progress amid the ongoing global pandemic.

After the conference, there are several ideas and actions our student leaders will pursue with the 2021 student council members. They will discuss expectations on how student council meetings would be conducted, clarify responsibilities and workflow methodologies for the various Portfolios, as well as expand the Student Voice Portfolio, and introduce Subject Representatives as deeper links between subject teachers and students. They will also work closely with the school for the move to the new Hengqin campus.

Inspiring our future leaders, making positive changes to the world

While offering the rigorous international education to support our students to graduate worldwise, it is also our goal at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai to inspire and support our students in developing their leadership, building up a competitive advantage for the opportunities and challenges in their future studies and lives.

Meanwhile, Mr. Benjamin Koh, the Student Leadership Coordinator of DHZH, has begun working with other Dulwich Heads of Student Leadership to identify and develop key baseline competencies for student leaders from all grades in DHZH (Y10 to Y13), enhancing their capacity as Worldwise™ leaders who can inspire, lead, and make a positive difference in the world.