An article from the Harvard Medical School mentioned that walking comes with a host of benefits that may surprise you:

  • It counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes.
  • It helps tame a sweet tooth.
  • It reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • It eases joint pain.
  • It boosts immune function.

*Resource:5 surprising benefits of walking - Harvard Health

Inspired by the interesting findings, a "Walk to Dulwich" challenge took place at Dulwich Zhuhai in January. All students, teachers and staff have tried to walk as many kilometers as we could collectively during tutor periods and personal leisure time to contribute to the challenge.

The simple but ambitious goal of the challenge was: walking to Dulwich Singapore from Dulwich Zhuhai, for the next Dulwich Olympiad!

Ringo Wu
It is so important that students at DHZH have a good grasp of what ‘healthy living’ is, so they can make correct choices in life. We want to encourage the students to develop lifelong habits that applied to their overseas studies, future career and life.
- Ringo Wu, Director of Sport

The Walk to Dulwich was part of the “January Health Month” initiative. Throughout the month of January, students have been learning different parts of being healthy during morning tutor period as well as during PSHE and PE lessons, covering topics such as Healthy Diet, Importance of Exercise and Mental Health.


As a result of the four-week challenge, a total of 4,540 kilometers’ walking distance has been accumulated within the community, effortless to make it to any sister schools in Asia. Let’s keep it up and hope to “walk” to London next year and visit our founding school, Dulwich College!