One of the signature international features at Dulwich Zhuhai, the Worldwise Events, will soon resume all global offline programmes after three years’ time. All students within the EiM group have a variety of enrichments to meet face-to-face, compete, explore and create together in academics, sports, music, art and drama, enjoying an authentic international network and experience across campuses and beyond borders.

The first destination for our international trip is:

United Kingdom



Dulwich Zhuhai will join hands with Dulwich International High School Suzhou (DHSZ) to organise a University Exploration Tour in the UK in the middle of June 2023. 

Year 11 and Year 12 students of the two schools can sign up for the trip, and spend more than a week visiting well-known universities, communicating with their students and admissions officers, to learn the most updated information for future decisions on universities and majors. A campus visit to our founding school, Dulwich College, is also covered in the itinerary, where students have the opportunities to discover the legend of over 400 years of history, and the pride of being a Dulwich student.


Here is the preview of more exciting activities that are in place for our students. Leveraging more than a decade of success, the Worldwise Events has continued to expand the depth and breadth of its content, enhance the partnership with industry-leading practitioners and educators, tailor a diverse and international experience for Dulwich students of all ages.


Grow in Dulwich Zhuhai, 

Graduate Worldwise.