Y10 Art and Design Students Exploring Photography


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” - Pablo Picasso

It has been an exciting start to the new academic year for Year 10 IGCSE Art and Design students who have spent time exploring creative photography after completing baseline drawing tests.

Students began the project by studying the basic compositional fundamentals/rules of focus, light, pattern & repetition, leading lines, rule of thirds, symmetry etc. They studied how to use these rules in photography, and what aspects form part of a successful photograph. The important part however of studying the rules was also being allowed to have the creative freedom to break them as this is when the real creativity begins to flow.

Students were then challenged to observe and capture at one selected object in 40-55 varied ways, selecting the most effective 45-55 photographs to compile in a collective digital composition. 

Ms Candice Van Buul
The results have been striking and their creativity and technicality of the photographic work will increase continuously. We encourage students to participate the annual Dulwich Photography Competition later on in the year, presenting their artwork to students from other Dulwich schools and exchanging some ideas together.
- Ms Candice Van Buul, Art Teacher


Photography Composition of Y10 Art & Design Students

Antonio L, 10U
Cyrus G, 10D
Elizabeth P, 10U
Jesse C, 10U
Minnie L, 10L
Regina L, 10D

The importance of developing photographic skills in IGCSE is paramount to help build and explore creative “seeing”, skillful and creative perceptions through lens is one highly regarded Assessment objective by the CIE examining board, alongside observational drawing will account for 25% of their overall final grade awarded in Year 11.

Photography is such an exciting way to be creative. We all have it in us to capture and create memorable, unique and interesting images. Let’s keep your finger on capturing more through photography.