Art has always been considered an important way to explore and express oneself.

A remark from The Moon and Sixpence says, “A man's work reveals him…. in his book or his artwork the real man delivers himself defenseless.”

Arin, a Year 13 student at Dulwich Zhuhai who is about to study abroad for art, shares how art has shaped her character and outlook towards life, and inspired her career aspirations.


Art makes me keep challenging myself

Arin's journey in art began in a drawing class in kindergarten. From early exposure to enlightenment and then on to self-fulfillment, her understanding of art continued to deepen.

"family encouraged me to learn to draw, and I took interest in art at a very young age. As I grew up and gradually learnt more about art, I looked forward to creating my own art and taking actions, and eventually making my way into the world of art.“

Painting, music, drama, is diverse and has a wide range of disciplines. Arin, who started out painting, is not limiting herself to any single art form. Since joining Dulwich Zhuhai, Arin’s restless nature has been fully unleashed by the holistic education that attaches equal importance to both academic subjects and co-curricular activities. During her four years at Dulwich Zhuhai, Arin not only continued her efforts in art creation and studied art theory and history systematically, but also studied music, joined the drama CCA and took part in musical performances on campus.

“Soon after joining the drama CCA, I was cast in the lead role of the Addam’s Family and was surprised that I was such a competent actress. I found myself enjoying the stage and the spotlight a lot!” 

"I'm always curious about new things. Art has unveiled something completely new to me. It is art that gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and keep challenging and improving myself."

Eye-opening global art events

Dulwich Zhuhai is not just known for its international campus atmosphere, but also the exciting global exchange programs and activities that can broaden the students’ perspective and lay the foundation for their future overseas study. Through these programs, Arin has further enhanced her art knowledge and has become more determined to pursue art in the future. 

In Year 11, she joined the World Scholar’s Cup and traveled to the United States, where she went to Broadway to see the prestigious musical —The Phantom of the Opera; at the 2019 Dulwich Olympiad, she met with Dulwich students from all over the world in London, where she made clay sculptures and muppets, visited art exhibitions, and enjoyed the drama group’s production of Faust.

"I am grateful for Dulwich’s global programs. Meeting students from different countries, making friends with them and expressing my opinion in front of everyone was a valuable experience; more importantly, through those global art events, I gained critical experience for my future career as a professional artist."

Staying true to oneself while moving forward to be an artist

In his book The Art Spirit, the American painter Robert Henri stated, "Art has a spiritual influence that brings out the light in every life."

After years of study and practice, Arin confides that art has become an inseparable part of her life, and that the power of art has often given her comfort.

As for which specific art form to pursue in the future, Arin would not set a boundary for herself.

"Painting, sculpture, performance, or music, anything is possible. My biggest dream is to become an artist who is true to myself, and capable of expressing myself and reflecting on the environment and society I live in with my art. I’d like to share my personal experiences and emotions to my audience, fulfill my value through art."


Arin has received offers from the prestigious art schools around the world, including University of the Arts London, Savanana College of Art and Design and Parsons School of Design. When speaking of the instability of a career in art, she reckons, “I don’t mind living a drifting life as an artist, for its freer and more interesting experience."

In a message to younger students who wish to do art, Arin shared what her Y11 biology teacher at Dulwich Zhuhai once said: "Don't change yourself." - be bold and be yourself, find the meaning of your life through art. She suggests that they make the most of Dulwich’s diverse culture and opportunities to fully develop their interests in art, and keep proactive in their learning and observing while always embracing innovation.


"You'll never know whether you'll like it until you give it a try."