The darkness is closing in. In the center, several beams of dazzling light emerge and rise in succession over the Bunsen burner. Mysterious rust green, magical cobalt blue, radiant reddish orange…these colours shoot across the darkness like a stream of fire.


The Flame Test analyses the composition of compounds through burning metals. The glistening and flickering flames speak of the romantic side of chemistry that is usually unseen. For Jason L, a Y13 student at Dulwich Zhuhai, the vibrant sparks are a testament to his long-lasting passion for chemistry and science.

The “naughty boy” turned future chemist

Looking back on his childhood, Jason said that he was a “naughty boy” who took great interest in the construction of things and how they change, and would not give up until he had everything explored. 

“I loved to play robots, to disassemble things and put them back together. In the third grade I taught myself programming. The way it made logic tangible intrigued me. Later I also wrote gaming programs and assembled computers…”


For this “naughty boy”, Chemistry, the science that studies the properties and composition of matter, soon became a favorite subject. After entering Dulwich Zhuhai, Jason has learnt chemistry in a more systematic and practical way and enjoyed all sorts of chemistry experiments. Apart from the dazzling Flame Test, he also presented the dramatic potato bursting experiment by mixing alcohol and air. 

“Dulwich Zhuhai’s chemistry teachers are professional and humorous, who always encourage us to try new things and give professional advice and support. They help us prepare materials for the experiments, ensuring the safety and smoothness of all those cool chemistry experiments.”

In Year 11, Jason decided to pursue chemistry as his future career. He started taking English as First Language at IGCSE, which he believed would strengthen his ability to conduct research and read papers in the future, laying a solid foundation for his study and life abroad.


The DHZH science ambassador

Some say that scientific research is a difficult and lonely pathway, but for Jason, science is all about teamwork.

"When it comes to studying chemistry, I was never alone. I would communicate and discuss with others, and we would help each other solve problems. Whether it is the teachers’ guidance or the classmates’ help, they always give me inspiration to sort out my ideas and complete the project.”


Jason specifically pointed out that all the research and experiment projects made him realise the importance of teamwork.

“Learning is not a lonely path. Instead, it’s a process of communicating, discussing and mutual problem solving. I’m always inspired by the exchange of opinions and ideas among teachers and classmates, which helps me sort out ideas to solve problems and ultimately reach my goal. I really enjoy such close and meaningful collaboration.”

A splendid extra-curricular life full of variety

During his four years at Dulwich Zhuhai, apart from building an ever-evolving scientific knowledge system, Jason was also fueled by a variety of co-curricular activities as well as practices activities overseas, living a diversified extra-curricular life as colorful as the Flame Test.


Speaking of art, Jason has his own theory: “Art not only cultivates your taste, but also combines the exclusive and the popular, creating an easy access to things that are otherwise difficult to understand, providing a language that facilitates communication.”

Jason has already received offers from the Imperial College London, University College London, University of Manchester, King’s College London and Hongkong University. As for subject major, he would only focus on chemistry. He hopes that the study of a fundamental science would endow him with a rigorous scientific way of thinking, which could benefit him no matter what profession he decides to pursue in the future.

When it comes to the ultimate meaning of chemistry and science, Jason said confidently: "Research is a problem-solving process that will benefit all of humanity."