Literature and biology seem to be two parallel disciplines that hardly intersect with each other. But to Kyra, our Class of 2022 student, they are fundamentally rooted in the same mindset – “the ability to see through different meanings”. This phrase was originally a message to Kyra from her teacher at Dulwich Zhuhai. Bearing this in mind, she has found the right pathway through constantly experimenting, practicing and exploration in her academic journey.

Kyra is a German girl who has lived in China for years. Before joining Dulwich Zhuhai, she had limited chances to speak Chinese and often struggled to express herself fluently in the language. During her time with Dulwich Zhuhai, a new environment that brought together people from different countries, regions and cultural backgrounds, Kyra's jovial attitude was encouraged by her open and friendly teachers and schoolmates. She quickly got along well with the new community. "I love talking to everyone in and after class, and my Chinese was therefore significantly improved. I text faster in Chinese and have become more sensitive to the nuances between cultures. I am grateful to my teachers and schoolmates at Dulwich for their help.”

portrait-kyra-final Kyra S, Y13 graduate

From Literature to Biology

Speaking of the subject of her interest, Kyra started out as a literature lover - she loved to write, to read, and to dive in the sea of literature, soaking up all kinds of interesting, clever, and philosophical ideas like a sponge in fantastical streams of words and phrases.


In Year 10, a teacher made a comment that she will never forget:"She encouraged us to see through different meanings, which can be expanded in the literature and to life later on. I think her words revealed the connection between literature and reality, which showed me where the power of literature lies."

This year, to celebrate the World Book Day, Dulwich Zhuhai’s English Department initiated a creative writing contest. Kyra wrote a few poems on the development of human civilization for this event, in which she pondered globalisation, environment protection, and the phenomenon of social media. She won second place eventually.

dscf5967 Creative writing contest winners

Kyra, the bookworm, also mentioned her favorite author in the interview, the American bestselling author Sarah J. Maas, “She is able to craft such artful plotlines littered with clues that each step feels like an adventure of both the mind and soul. Her vivid characters also inspire me to push my boundaries and ‘look to the stars’. "

Kyra thought she was going to be a writer. But right before entering Year 11, she stumbled upon a fascination with biology while doing her homework and decided to switch from liberal arts to science. The decision opened the door to biology for her. 

"I gravitate toward the concepts of life and their complexity. Biology is the intersection between society and the physical world, so being able to maneuver things in this arena can help to progress our society.”

She further explains the significance of biology to all of humanity, “For example, sequencing genomes have helped us to identify countless diseases, including the corona virus, so that vaccines could be developed. Genetic engineering and regenerative technology have also allowed us to provide countless cures and methods of pandemic prevention. I would like to devote myself to biology. ”

“I want to be sure to make a contribution to the world, before I die.” Kyra helping an orphan in her "Week Without Walls" trip.

“I want to be sure to make a contribution to the world, before I die.”

Devoted in Biology study

Implementing holistic education, Dulwich Zhuhai encourages its students to fully explore their interests and gives them a broad stage to demonstrate their strengths and advantage.

In Year 12, Kyra founded the Biology CCA, building a platform for Dulwich students who love biology to exchange ideas. The CCA has left Kyra with many unforgettable memories. She had invited a Research and Development executive from an innovative biotech firm to speak to all students and faculty members, introducing cutting-edge biotech and arousing the students' awareness and interests in the area. She invited students to conduct various new experiments, extracting human DNA, extracting spices from chili, making lactose-free milk, and even displaying anatomical photos. These activities sparked her CCA members' curiosity in biology, and also helped Kyra find precious friendships and a sense of accomplishment.

extracting-human-dna extracting human DNA
Kyra's experiments in her biology CCA extracting spices from chili

Switching from literature to biology did not change Kyra’s thirst for knowledge, she was still like the sponge absorbing everything aggressively. Her passion for biology was not only invested in the CCA but also drove her to read a large number of academic materials and join several online sessions to complement her strengths and weakness, and fully fill in the gaps in the subject.

“While studying subject courses, I also pay close attention to the latest developments in the biology industry and browse academic websites and articles regularly. In addition, I enrolled myself in four to five online courses on science and biology, which are a great way to learn practical skills and an important highlight for university application. I would recommend this learning method to all my junior schoolmates.”

Stay busy, stay active

Dulwich Zhuhai is not just known for its academic excellence, but also renowned for its commitment to enriching students’ extra-curricular practices and experience. It always offers opportunities to refine and enhance students’ overall personal abilities for well-rounded development.

During her four years at Dulwich Zhuhai, Kyra has not only focused on her academic study, but also excelled in other areas.

In Year 10, Kyra participated in the World Scholars Cup (WSC) and entered the finals in the US.

In Year 12, she co-launched the Pink Run charity event with her teacher, raising money for breast cancer patients. In the following year, she organised the event again independently. 

Kyra also served as the Deputy Head Girl of Dulwich Zhuhai’s Student Council and represented the school at the annual Dulwich Global Student Leadership Conference. 


Kyra is also good at running. She won the gold medal in the 1,500-meter run at this year’s Sports Day and broke the school record for the 4×400 relay.


Kyra is about to enter a new chapter in her life as a biology major. 

Looking back on her memorable days at Dulwich Zhuhai, she remarked, "Dulwich was a daring and accepting community that encouraged you to explore yourself and be anything you want. "

"Academic achievements are important, but at Dulwich Zhuhai, I have grown in every way. Just like a favorite quote I once read: 'Be the kind of person you want to meet,' I believe that I’ll finally make myself the person I would look up to.”

dsc-4033 Kyra at Y13 graduation ceremony