Our counsellors help students define what success means to them and develop the tools necessary to achieve that success – seeking the most up-to-date understanding of higher education globally and collaborating with teachers and families to provide exceptional service to students and institutions with which we work.

We collaborate with academic and pastoral student support systems to develop student agency and facilitate informed ‘Best Fit’ decision-making, adding value through life skills training, mentorship and well-being support. 

‘Best fit’ is a student-oriented process that takes into account every student’s unique combination of goals, needs and interests to identify and plan for the next step in their journey.

We support students to continue exploring and developing in those areas they excel while also identifying where and how to improve and frame their performance in areas they find more difficult. We facilitate communication across different aspects of their education to improve academic, extra-curricular, personal-social and post-secondary outcomes. 

Our counsellors

See and introduce to students their full scope of capabilities
Introduce to students diverse and new 'best fit' pathway possibilities
Provide and advise on a plan for students according to their choices and aspirations
Help students experience and achieve more in their areas of greatest interest
Help students explore their interests deeply, beyond the classroom
Offer students resources to pursue their interests after high school graduation

Our counsellors also greatly enhance post-secondary related communications between students, parents and teachers.