Scott Liao, a former Dulwich Zhuhai student, is regarded as a "chemistry genius" by his teachers and classmates. His story is exactly that of an ordinary person finding his way and growing through his love and determination for a subject. 

Scott Liao
DHZH Class of  2014
Undergraduate from University of Manchester
Postgraduate studies at Imperial College London

"Chemistry is the foundation of everything, and it can be said that everything in life cannot be separated from chemistry." 

“Chemistryhas nourished my life and expanded the boundaries of my perceptions, and DulwichZhuhai was the star that helped me on my path.”

Scott returned to Guangdong and joined the Guangzhou branch of Wacker Chemicals after finishing his postgraduate studies at Imperial College London.

Scott realised that chemistry could be useful in the field of environmental protection. Among his research projects was an oil sands separation project that even brought honour to the university.

weixin-image-20240509135616 Scott at Manchester University

The Experience of 'Playing' in DHZH

Scott described his experience at Dulwich Zhuhai as 'awesome'. He stated that the students around him were all excellent, with clear goals and a strong motivation. In this positive environment, Scott began to consider his future plans and quickly decided to specialise in chemistry.

Scott spent a lot of time in the lab for the next three years studying chemistry. He was able to ‘play’ with his chemistry experiments, and his teachers let him do extra chemistry experiments as long as they were safe, which made Scott really enjoy exploring his world of Chemistry.

"When I was in the UK, I felt not much different from high school. It seemed like just a different place to live and study." Scott had been successfully settling into overseas life after he was 'well-trained' by Dulwich Zhuhai.

Dulwich Zhuhai not only offers an international curriculum, but it also organizes a plethora of meaningful co-curriculum activities that assist students in developing their adaptability and problem-solving skills.