High School Team Mathematics Challenge - Champions

High School Team Mathematics Challenge - Champions
DHZH Beat All Competition

The recent prestigious two-day Mathematics Competition, the ‘High School Team Mathematics Challenge’ saw DHZH team overcome all challengers. The competition was open to all high schools in Asia and promotes team work, problem solving, communication skills and the highest mathematical endeavor.

There were 23 other teams from across South East Asia, including from Korea, Japan, Singapore, and of course China. There is only one other major mathematics competition in South East Asia, so this DHZH triumph is a significant achievement.

Our DHZH team was made of students belonging to the HSTM CCA (Co-Curricular Activity), a student lead CCA that prepares for the competition. Head of Mathematics, Mr James said, “Kelly and Amy who ran the CCA throughout this academic year have worked hard for their success. I congratulate them and the whole team.” He noted that the other (younger Y12) team performed well and showed excellent potential to perhaps defend DHZH's title next year.

The High School Team Mathematics Challenge competition is designed and organised by Martin Crozier, the Head of Mathematics at Dulwich Suzhou. The competition is hosted by Dulwich Suzhou each year and teams compete in multiple rounds of problems that are accessible to students in their final three years of High School.