The House Leaders for the four Houses were appointed on 11th September 2023. These leaders will work alongside our Heads of House to organise and oversee various House activities and competitions, spanning sports, art, performances, and academic contests. They are dedicated to promoting collaboration among students and staff, all in the pursuit of earning House points and honour for their respective Houses.


‘‘I am excited and honoured to lead the great house of Alleyn. Named after Edward Alleyn, who was a brilliant and charismatic English actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Dulwich College London. Like Alleyn, I want our students to develop creativity, excellence, compassion and entrepreneurial qualities. School is more than just having good grades; I would like every student to be the best possible version of themselves. This is the beginning of an extraordinary journey, and I look forward to seeing the students work extremely hard, individually and collaboratively, to bring success to Alleyn House.’’

—— Dr Khan, Head of Alleyn House

‘‘It is our pleasure to become the Alleyn House Captain this year. Cooperation and perseverance will be our framework for this year. It will be crucial to build unity and teamwork with all students by listening and taking advice from all house members. We will also motivate all Alleyn students to step out of their comfort zones to achieve something which they usually would not dare to try. We will work hard, continuously improve and take collective responsibility for our house to be a shining example of excellence in academics, behaviour and co-curricular activities.’’

—— Claire Z and Coco L, Alleyn House Captains

1 Alleyn House Leaders

House Captains: Claire Z and Coco L

Art and Performance Leaders: Karida M and Nicole Y

Publicity Leaders: Michael C and Iris W

Sports Leaders: Jackson L, Nina S, Marian H and Potter W


‘‘As the Head of Shackleton House, I am thrilled to lead and support our wonderful students in their journey of growth and discovery. Our House is more than just a team; it's a family where we nurture talents, instill values, and foster a strong sense of belonging. I'm excited about the upcoming House events and the opportunities they offer for students to showcase their skills and build lasting memories.’’

—— Mrs Blevins, Head of Shackleton House

‘‘As Shackleton House captains, we're excited to lead our amazing house! Our mission is to inspire teamwork and broaden our horizons through exciting house activities and events. Our wish is for every Shackleton student to have a fantastic academic year while unlocking their full potential. Together, let's make it happen, Shackleton!’’

—— Tony L and Ssisi L, Shackleton House Captains

2 Shackleton House Leaders

House Captains: Tony L and Ssisi L

Art and Performance Leaders: Yuxin T and Felicia H

Publicity Leaders: Delia Q and Shariel Q 

Sports Leaders: Jesse C, Susie L, Jason Z and Sophia W


‘‘It brings me great honour and pleasure to be Head of Soong House. This talented house, named after the powerful and highly influential political leader, Soong Qingling, already embodies many of her ideals, including strength, leadership, determination, resilience, and dedication. I am excited to lead this house to new successes, and will work diligently, alongside a strong leadership team, to further build on these values, and to promote unity, care, compassion, and support for not only other Soong members, but the whole Dulwich school community.’’

—— Mr Bishop, Head of Soong House

‘‘Last year, we had the pleasure of being house champions! With everyone's contribution, we've gained amazing results, and we want the new members of Soong House to feel the excitement, triumph, and confidence we gained last year. Our goal is to build a healthy relationship in the house by uniting as one and working together to compete. We hope we can inspire the future, present, and past of Soong to thrive and spread the gratitude onward.’’ 

—— Dorothy T and Liam P, Soong House Captains

3 Soong House Leaders

House Captains: Dorothy T and Liam P

Art and Performance Leaders: Bianca M and Ernest T

Publicity Leaders: Chonwai C and Zoe H

Sports Leaders: Scott Z, Joanne H, Ricky F and Jessica L


‘‘I am truly honoured to be the Head of Wing House this year. Wing House represents the legacy and virtue of Yung Wing, who is wise to lead, a risk-taker and with strong resilience when placed into the unknown. Furthermore, we are a talented abounded house that values interdependence and friendship by guiding each other as one team. Whether you are creative, athletic, or academic, you can always find a like-minded spirit here that shares a similar passion, to guide each other to work as one team. Looking forward, I hope to maintain and promote this vision, but also create a wonderful experience, which we can all cherish as one family.”

—— Ms Chan, Head of Wing House

“Being the new house captain is a new challenge for us. We will try our best to lead everyone to enjoy every activity and win simultaneously. The priority is for everyone to have a strong sense of belonging and fully develop themselves into global citizens.”

—— Cathy L and Maggie W, Wing House Captains

4 Wing House Leaders

House Captains: Cathy L and Maggie W

Art and Performance Leaders: Vanessa W and Wynne W

Publicity Leaders: Jocelyn L and Sherry N

Sports Leaders: Brandon Y, Ethan Y, Eden D and Sarah Z

Congratulations to the new House Leaders!

We look forward to the upcoming House events, fostering unity and personal growth as we continue to nurture holistic excellence in our school community.