Some events in Dulwich Zhuhai have been particularly "cute" – “Pink", "moustache", and "exotic" are unrelated elements that represent three separate events. The "Pink Run" and "Movember" encourage teachers and students to give love and act for charity, while the Culture-Diversity-themed Founder's Day takes place in November 2023. 

Pink Run in October

On the morning of 27th October, the playground of Zhuhai Dulwich gathered a group of runners with eye-catching pink clothing. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and a shared sense of purpose as students and teachers participated wholeheartedly. In this challenge, the school encouraged everyone to donate at least 10 RMB. And for every lap completed, the school donated one RMB. In the end, 1,938 laps were completed just in 30 minutes and RMB 8,006.14 was raised!

The money will be donated to the Zhuhai branch of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in support of its breast cancer charity service. We take pride in our commitment to supporting the local community and raising awareness about important health issues. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to care for and support our community.

Movember, you can take action now!

Following the success of last year’s staff fundraising event, Movember, 13 teachers are now growing a moustache this November. The staff are aiming to raise money for Heart to Heart Special Fund of Shanghai Rende Foundation, which provides corrective surgery for children with congenital heart disease (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery. The surgeries not only save lives, but transform the lives of their families.  


Last year, the money raised by our staff supported a young girl from Guizhou, saving her life. This year, we look forward to more students, teachers and parents participating in this meaningful initiative and raising even more money than last year!