On the first morning assembly at the beginning of 2022, the new group of student leaders have taken on their new roles at Dulwich Zhuhai. Congratulations! 

This year, the field of candidates for these positions were competitive. Our candidates went through a rigorous application, interview process, and had to give a presentation to the entire school before a voting process. This process is to ensure that our student leaders represent our school community but are responsible persons to take on the role as school ambassadors and are the voice of our students. The other candidates were also invited to join the Student Council with senior leadership roles to ensure an inclusive student team.

Grace P
I want to thank all for putting your faith in me as the new student leader. I understand this role bears many responsibilities as well as being a role model for many of my peers and among other students. As newly elected student leaders, there’s still a lot we need to learn and work on. We will try our best to speak for the students, to act as the bridge between the student body and the school and also to help all of us feel more like home at Dulwich Zhuhai.
- Grace P, 2022 Head Student
David Y
It's a great honor for me to be selected as the new Head Student. I believe if students really understand and feel happy about the school’s decisions, we will do better; if the school knows how students feel and their opinions, it will make better decisions for us. I will take this role as a challenge to myself, and also an opportunity to contribute back to the school for the lovely study environment it built for us.
- David Y, 2022 Head Student
Isabella L
A big thank you to the 2020-21 student leaders and it is a precious experience cooperating with all of you. I believe that in the year of 2022, the four of us as a new team will work closely with the School Leadership Team to create more possibilities for all students.
- Isabella L, 2022 Deputy Head Student
Roman L
I look forward to organising interesting activities for students as part of the Student Council leaders by leveraging the new facilities and opportunities at the new campus.
- Roman L, 2022 Deputy Head Student

On January 14th, our new student leaders will join with all the other EiM schools across the network for intensive two-days of Student Leadership Conference (SLC) to build on their leadership skills. They are expected to formulate important goals for their tenure, adjust the Student Council portfolios, and execute their ideas. Follow-up conferences will look at building leadership skills on mobilising others and reflect on their plans.

Student agency and leadership are important skills for our students to graduate worldwise. Being a student leader is one of the many pathways to this goal. Student leaders will learn to be resourceful, pioneering, and compassionate. I expect wonderful things from our new student leaders to build on the fantastic work by the previous group, at the purpose-built new campus. Building on the EiM framework of core competencies for student leaders, the Student Leadership Development program of Dulwich Zhuhai will leverage the advantage of the group network to further develop leadership skills in a meaningful manner”, said Mr Benjamin Koh, the Student Leadership Coordinator of Dulwich Zhuhai.

Over the past year, we are grateful and very proud of all the initiatives and support that the former student leaders have engaged in, as well as how well they have developed with themselves, with the Student Council, and with Dulwich Zhuhai.

Sincere appreciation to the 2021 student leaders and look forward to the exciting future with the new group.