November 2023, Dulwich Zhuhai received good news from both Canada Chemistry Olympiad (CCO) and The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust- Senior Mathematical Challenge (UKMT-SMC)!



How prestigious is the CCO?

CCO is a prestigious chemistry competition in Canada. It is designed to increase high school students' interest in learning chemistry and to select outstanding competitors for the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). Students compete against participants from all over the world. The award of CCO is a benefit and is preferred by many higher education establishments for students wishing to apply to prestigious Canadian colleges and universities in science and engineering.

We interviewed students who won the CCO competition about how they enhanced their study skills:

“A big factor that allowed me to achieve a top score was going beyond the courses in class through Chemistry Olympiad CCA. Independent reading, lots of tailored chemistry research, going through some pre-University concepts. There were also practice problems for completing the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, the International Chemistry Olympiad and so on, which reinforced my knowledge of chemistry."


Michael Z (Y12), Claire Z (Y11) and Klein L (Y10) were outstanding and won two awards!

UKMT provides national level maths competitions for 11-18 year olds across the UK and other countries, with the SMC being the competition for high school students. The "little mathematicians" of Dulwich Zhuhai, have frequently achieved outstanding results in UKMT challenges, which test their mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Once again, congratulations to the winners and we look forward to the continued success of Dulwich Zhuhai students in other subjects!