The Winning in S.-T. Yau High School Science Award recently released the competition's results 2023. Dulwich Zhuhai students were awarded second place in the categories of chemistry and economic and financial modeling among 1,093 submissions nationally. Congratulations to the winners:  Henry L (Y12), Harrison W (Y13), Emma C (Y12), Felicity C (Y12), and their tutors, Dr. Khan and Mr. Shah!


We interviewed Henry and Harrison, the winners of one of the groups, whose paper was titled 'Water-saving regulation, industrial transformation and high-quality economic development: Evidence from China'. Their research reflects the effectiveness and magnitude of a water regulation enforced by the Chinese government using an advanced econometrics model.

Henry L (Y12)
As Porter's hypothesis and economic learner's common sense, proper regulation can stimulate innovation and thus promote the development of enterprises.
- Henry L (Y12), Student

Henry shared that he has been fascinated by socio-economic issues since secondary school, particularly when he began high school and was exposed to economics and environmental science, learning about the importance of environmental protection and how economists use their methods to solve problems. As a result, he teamed up with Harrison and decided to delve deeper into the topic.

In the beginning, they need to target a dimension within the large socio-economic field as the object of study. henry found that in 2013, China introduced the most stringent water resources management system and put forward the famous "three red lines". Water use regulation appears to be directly related to both human well-being and economic growth. Ultimately, they decided to concentrate on the topic of "Water Regulation in China".

Harrison W (Y13)
I'm particularly interested in financial economics, and mathematics because studying these two subjects helps me to assess problems more thoroughly. And research is incredibly valuable.
- Harrison W (Y13), Student

Harrison also completed his first Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) study last year, which is an A-level research project for students outside of the curriculum. The study's findings and advancements further inspired him to collaborate with Henry.

Henry and Harrison spent half a year working on this project under the guidance of Dr. Khan. Henry was responsible for composing the report, while Harrison gathered and studied the data. Over the summer, Harrison learned how to analyze the research using STATA software, which helped them produce their findings.

Thorough research and repeated arguments gave them confidence in the outcome of their thesis, and the two of them ended up presenting their project together in Shanghai.


What makes Henry and Harrison feel most meaningful is they went beyond what they had learnt in the classroom, and even used the economic models for data analysis that are only used in university economics. Gaining new knowledge gave them a great sense of accomplishment.

Working on a research project through the S.-T. Yau High School Science Award has greatly benefited Henry and Harrison, allowing them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through this project, they practised their independent learning and self-motivation by taking ownership of their learning. Engaging in research projects also allowed them to deepen their understanding of the subject area of their interest and learn new knowledge and skills that they otherwise wouldn't have learned in high school.  —— Dr. Khan